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Fetal Fotos Salt Lake & Maternity Massage

5221 South State Street
Murray, UT 84107
Phone: 801-281-8444
Email: fetalfotos@hotmail.com
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-7PM 

During every appointment, a limited medical fetal survey is conducted in regular (2D) ultrasound. This study includes verification of fetal heartbeat, fetal position, fetal number and GENDER DETERMINATION if desired.

Fetal Fotos Salt Lake City is offering the most advanced imaging technology on the market today.
We are now using the new
GE Voluson E8...offering HD Live in our 3D/4D Packages.


Effective 2/22/2021...We are replacing our CD's and DVD's with USB's.

                                               **** Announcing NEW HD Live****

We now offer MY BABY'S HEARTBEAT BEAR......Add to any package for $28.99
You can go home with the precious sound of your baby's heartbeat
recorded in an adorable heartbeat animal

Ultrasound Sessions:

Pregnancy Verification-$50
  • 2D Imaging
  • 8-13 Weeks Only
  • No Gender Determination
  • 2-3 Printed Black & White Printed Photos

2D Imaging Ultrasound Special-$69
           (cannot apply any other discounts)

  • 6-8 Black & White Printed Photos
  • No USB
  • Gender Determination

2D Imaging Ultrasound Session-$79

  • 2D Imaging
  • Video set to music uploaded to USB
  • All images uploaded to USB
  • 6-8 Black & White Printed Photos
  • Gender Determination

3D/4D Imaging Ultrasound Session- $149 HD LIVE INCLUDED

  • 2D, 3D, 4D Imaging
  • 3D/4D video set to music uploaded to USB     
  • All images uploaded to USB
  • 8-10 Black & White Printed Photos
  • Gender Determination
3D/4D Imaging "Special" Session- $119  HD LIVE INCLUDED

              same as above...except NO USB

Development Package- $239

  • One 2D Imaging Session  (recommend 15-25 weeks)
  • One 3D/4D Imaging Session  (recommend 26-32 weeks) HD LIVE INCLUDED
  • "Baby's Heartbeat Bear' Stuffed Animal
  •    (we record your baby's heartbeat)


Premier Ultrasound Session- $179

  • 2D, 3D, 4D Imaging    HD LIVE INCLUDED
  • Video set to music uploaded to USB
  • All images uploaded to usb
  • 8-10 Black & White Printed Pictures
  • 4 Color Pictures
  • Baby's First Hand-Print Kit or BIB's Binkie
  • "Baby's Heartbeat Bear"...with recorded Heartbeat
  • Gender Determination

Maternity Massage:

Our specially trained Maternity Massage Therapists want your experience  to be safe, beneficial, and comfortable for both you and your baby.  Our various support systems used during your massage will enhance your comfort during all stages of pregnancy.

Every massage we provide is focused on relaxing your muscles, improving blood circulation and reducing stress. We encourage you to customize each visit with your massage therapist by adding complimentary HOT STONES, AROMATHERAPY,  AND DESIRED PRESSURE


Beautiful Beginning: Full body Swedish Massage. A combination of gentleness and soothing strokes will encourage your body to enjoy the changes that are occurring during your pregnancy.  Improves circulation, reduces stress, and provides pain relief.

60 Minute Session-$69

90 Minute Session-$95


Ultrasound with Massage Sessions:

2D Ultrasound & 1 Hour Beautiful Beginning - $123

3D/4D Ultrasound & 1 Hour Beautiful Beginning - $193

Premier Ultrasound & 1 Hour Beautiful Beginning - $223

Development Package & 1 Hour beautiful Beginning - $283


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