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Short-Term Impact of Fetal Imaging on Paternal Stress and Anxiety

Brown GF. Short-term impact of fetal imaging on parental stress and anxiety. Per and Peri-Natal Psychology Journal, 1988, Vol. 3, pp. 24-40.

This study compared the stress and anxiety responses of expectant fathers attending a routine visit with their partners who saw ultrasound imaging of their unborn chid with those of fathers also attending a routine office visit with their partners who did not view ultrasound imaging of the fetus. Fathers were given the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and the Subjective Stress Scale in addition to a demographic questionnaire and the Paternal Attitudes towards Pregnancy Inventory prior to the examination. The anxiety and stress measures were readministered after the examination. Anxiety measures showed no significant differences between experimental and control groups, but fathers who saw fetal imaging did experience significant reductions in stress.

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