Ultrasound Safety

Ultrasound has been used safely in obstetrics for over 35 years, encompassing three generations of women and millions of ultrasounds. Several studies have verified that it is a non-invasive tool with vast benefits. Specific studies can be reviewed on Dr. Joseph Woo's renowned site, a highly respected source of information in the field. These studies confirm that no adverse findings of diagnostic ultrasound levels have ever been replicated. In fact, new studies are showing its psycho-social benefit for expecting women, where viewing an ultrasound resulted in benefits from improved diet to smoking cessation.

The FDA emphasizes the safety of ultrasound: "The agency sets the standard for the level of energy to be used for various treatments or diagnoses, including fetal ultrasounds. This standard restricts ultrasound exposure to levels that produce few, if any, effects on the fetus, based on epidemiological evidence" (FDA Consumer magazine, January-February 2004 Issue).

The Three- and Four-Dimensional ultrasound imaging performed by FETAL FOTOS uses ultrasound energy subject to the same limits as conventional (2D) ultrasound to create the Three- and Four-Dimensional images. Our policy dictates that all systems be used only in the Obstetrics Application. As a result, the ultrasound energy is limited by the manufacturer below FDA limits for obstetrical ultrasound, whether scanning 2, 3 or 4 Dimensionally. (The FDA limit for obstetrical ultrasound is 94 milliwatts/cm2.)

Three- and Four-Dimensional ultrasound imaging is not a product of increased frequency or "power" levels, but a combination of increased data gathering (listening) by the transducer and software interpretation after data acquisition.

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer this positive experience to expectant women. We have seen first hand how happy our patients are to hear of us. They appreciate the experience we provide, which uses a safe, proven technology to help expecting women and their families further invest in the pregnancy.

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